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Margot & Rudi

Biopic of Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev. A love story. 


A beautiful woman falls in love with a brilliant, adoring young man. Their love is doomed, it will all end badly – in heart-swelling, tear-jerking delicious tragedy. Every night, on stage, in front of thousands of enraptured fans.

When Margot Fonteyn meets Rudolf Nureyev, she is the most famous ballerina in the West and he is a worldwide sensation – the first great artistic defection from the Soviet Union, at the height of the Cold War. She is gracious, divinely elegant in Dior, with a wonderful smile and charming humility. He is wild, sexually magnetic to men and women, a proud, shy, untamed creature. 

Together they will become one of the iconic couples of the Swinging Sixties. The romance they portray so movingly on stage is confirmed for the delighted public by their obvious intimacy and happiness together offstage. Real life is not so simple.


elysian films - Margot & Rudi
Good Hope



South Africa has a long and complex history. The legacy of colonialism and apartheid hang over it like dark clouds, and despite the avalanche of hope its liberation brought in 1994, there persists a negative narrative about the country that is difficult to shake. This is not helped by the fact that South Africans are statistically the most pessimistic people on earth!


And yet…  there is another story to tell, about the astonishing efforts of a new generation set to tackle country’s problems, in what has been called the "Second Revolution”. The ANC, under the new leadership of Cyril Ramaphosa, is making strides to restore the rule of law and tackle corruption. With this comes confidence in open governance and the opening of doors, once again, to the rest of the world.

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Who do you think we are?

A new promotional film for the UK tourist board, VisitBritain, shot in eight cities around the world: New York, LA, Sydney, Shanghai, Mumbai, Dubai, Paris and Berlin. Director Anthony Fabian canvassed opinions on the streets about what Britain means to visitors and how they feel about the UK - with touching, surprising and often humourous results. The film will soon be available on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and

elysian films - Who do you think we are?

Freeze-Frame is a romance and a thriller with a comic edge. It's about fate, mix-ups and attraction across the cultural divide. It also features some iconic locations from successful British and films and TV series - namely Downton Abbey, Harry Potter and Love Actually. First previews were held in Los Angeles from 29th November at the Laemmle West LA and the Beijing Premiere was 1st December 2014. Currently showing in the GREAT online film festival:

elysian films - Freeze-Frame

Madmen meets Downton Abbey: A new long-running TV series.  Adapted from Fiona MacCarthy’s acclaimed book, Last Curtsey, DEBS follows the lives of four friends from their ‘coming out’ rites in 1958 to adulthood in the emancipated world of ‘60s London. The series charts the women’s interconnected lives over a ten year period: from the last presentations to the Queen and the debutante season that followed, to the revolutionary, anti-establishment prism of sex, drugs, fashion and rock and roll, dramatising the breakdown of the class system and women’s lib. DEBS will counterpoint the hide-bound late 50s with the world of swinging ‘60s London, just as Downton Abbey has given the world access to high society at another time and place, and Mad Men has brilliantly illuminated advertising in New York across the same era.

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British Legends of Stage and Screen

Now available on DVD from Amazon UK

A new series of in depth interviews with Britain’s finest post-war actors, reflecting not only on their careers in theatre, film and television but also on a changing time, a life of extraordinary encounters and the events that shaped their lives.


Starring Claire Bloom, Sir Michael Gambon, Glenda Jackson, Sir Christopher Lee, Michael York, Dame Diana Rigg, Sir Derek Jacobi, and Sir Ian McKellen.


Executive Producer: Sandy Lieberson. Co-Producer: John Dunworth. Sales: Dominic Saville, 3DD Entertainment.


DVD Released by Odeon Entertainment UK


elysian films - British Legends of Stage and Screen
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